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Top Diy DIY Turtle Brooch

DIY Turtle Brooch


DIY Turtle Brooch

We will introduce a fun brooch DIY utilizing silicon rubber animal shapes ♡

【What to prepare】
・ Silicone rubber of favorite shape
・ UV-LED resin “Hoshi no Shizuku”
・ Resin colorants Gemstone glaze (green)
・ Toning palette
・ Toning stick
・ UV-LED light
・ Silicon mat
・ Plastic gloves
・ Rhinestone
・ tweezers
・ Toothpick
・ Rotating broach pin

1: Mix green coloring into resin.
2: Pour 1 into silicone rubber placed on a silicone mat.
3: Prepare around with a toothpick and cure.
4: Remove the cured resin from silicone rubber.
5: Put resin and arrange rhinestones.
6: Cure 5.
7: Turn over 6, apply resin, apply rotating broach pin and cure.

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