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Top Makeup Shading Beauty Hacks!?

Shading Beauty Hacks!?


Shading Beauty Hacks!?

Shading Beauty Hacks!?
<Scene 1>
Shading with cellophane tape
Put cellophane tape so that a triangular gap is formed under the cheekbones
Put shading on and blend with a sponge
Go to the stationery shop right now!

<Scene 2>
Shading with spoon and fork
Place a spoon on the cheekbones and put shading on using the side of the spoon
Put the nose shadow on using the gap of the fork
Spoon and fork are not only for eating!?

<Scene 3>
Shading with wine bottle
Shade using the curved surface of the bottle
Fix it like this after a party!?

<Scene 4>
Shading with high heels
Do shading and nose shadow using curved surface of heel
It might be better not to do it in front of your crush...

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