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Top Diy Mini Aquarium with Nail Polish Bottle

Mini Aquarium with Nail Polish Bottle


Mini Aquarium with Nail Polish Bottle

■ Working time: 30 minutes
■ Material cost: Approx. $4

· Used nail polish bottle
· Moon and star charm
· Baby Oil
· String
· Glitter
· Nail polish remover
· Decoupage paper
· Decoupage liquid
· Cosmetic syringe
· UV resin
· Paper cup
Food coloring
· Water
· UV light
· Pliers
· Glue gun

1. Empty the contents of the nail polish bottle in a paper cup. Rinse the inside of the bottle with nail polish remover and completely remove the nail polish inside the bottle with a cotton swab etc. Remove the labels and other stickers.
2. Apply the decoupage liquid to two sides of the bottle, paste the decoupage paper cut according to the size of the bottle, and dry it.
3. Mix water and food coloring in paper cup and make blue-purple.
4. Using a syringe, add a small amount of color water of 3 in the bottle and fill the bottle with baby oil.
5. Apply the resin solution to the cap, sprinkle evenly with glitter and harden. Apply resin solution again with a brush, harden and coat. Remove the brush part attached to the cap with pliers when all processes are completed.
6. Pour glue gun into the cap. Thread charm with string and tie, leave about 2 cm, cut, and insert. Wait for the glue gun to cool down.
7. Close the cap and complete!!

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