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Strawberry Mochi


Strawberry Mochi

CCHAN Cooking
・Toast breads...2 slices
・Rice flour...50g
・Starch powder...sprinkles
・Whipped cream...100g
・Strawberries...2 grains

1. Make a round shape of toast with a egg ring.
2. Place rice flour, sugar and water in a mixing bowl.
Add water in the blend it properly until no lumps form.
3. Heat in a 600w microwave for 90secs, give it a blend then heat it for another 30 secs.
4. Sprinkle starch powder on a baking tray, let the heated mixture sit on the tray to cool down.
5. Cut it in half, apply a layer of whipped cream then add a grain of strawberry, then apply another layer of whipped cream on the top of strawberry. Then top with the round bread and seal the edges properly to finish♪

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