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Top Diy DIY: Planetarium Lampshade

DIY: Planetarium Lampshade


DIY: Planetarium Lampshade

A night lamp that will illuminate the feet brightly on a dark night. Is there a lot of people using at home?
This time is how to make a lamp shade that makes the light of that lamp more nice ♡

· Color ball
· Bamboo skewers
· Glue gun
· UV-LED resin star drop Hard
· Resin coloring agent Jewel drops (cyan, purple)
· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· Flat brush
· UV light 9W
· Small glitter powder
· Glitter manicure
· Mini metal star
· Star shaped charm
· Night light (LED type)

1. Put a bamboo skewer on the color ball and seal it with a glue gun before the air leaks out.
2. Mix the UV resin and the colorant with the toning palette to make the color blue and purple.
3. Coat the color ball with a blue resin by a flat brush and harden with UV light. Repeat this 3-4 times
to make a dome. At this time, be careful to open around the bamboo skew moderately.
4. Coat the purple resin and blue resin so that they become gradation and harden it. Repeat 1-2 times.
5. After solidifying the resin, remove the bamboo skewer and take out the inside color ball.
6. Make sure the inside of the dome’s flaw is not noticeable with UV resin.
7. Apply glitter manicure on the outside of the dome and express the Milky Way. Dry it moderately here.
8. Apply undyed UV resin to the dome, put metal parts or star shaped charms and harden them.
9. Apply glue gun to the edge of the dome and cover it with a night lamp!

When the lamp glows, soft light spreads through the resin ♡ Have a romantic night with this easy DIY night lampshade!

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