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Top Cooking Breakfast in a Mug 3 Ways (w/ Eggs)

Breakfast in a Mug 3 Ways (w/ Eggs)


Breakfast in a Mug 3 Ways (w/ Eggs)

Want an easy, no-hassle breakfast, and fast?
Try these 3 easy recipes in the morning!

case 1: French toast in a mug
■ Ingredients
· Bread ... 1 slice
· Eggs ... 1 piece
· Milk ... 60ml
· Sugar ... 1 tablespoon
· Maple syrup ... appropriate amount
· Powdered sugar ... appropriate amount
as you like
· Cinnamon powder ... appropriate amount

1. Put eggs, milk, sugar in a mug, and soak bread cut into 3 cm square.
2. When the bread is sufficiently soaked in the egg mixture, wrap it and heat it for about 2 minutes in a 600-watt microwave (while watching the state of the dish).
3. Add maple syrup, complete with powdered sugar and done

case 2: Juicy Ham and Egg Dish in a Mug
■ Ingredients:
· Eggs ... 1 piece
· Ham ... 1 slice
· Cabbage ... 1 slice

1. Cut the cabbage by hand, put it in a mug, heat it for about 30 seconds while covered with a wrap inside a 600 watt microwave.
2. Put ham and eggs and stab the yolk to make a hole in the egg
(Be careful as it will explode if you do not do this!)
3. Completed after heating for about 1 minute in a 600watt microwave

case 3: Mug Cup Quiche
■ Ingredients:
· Extra bread (bread and baguettes) ... about 1/2 pieces
A · egg ... 1 piece
A · Milk ... 1 tablespoon
A · Fresh cream ... 1 tablespoon
A · Salt and pepper ... appropriate amount
· Bacon ... 1 sheet
· Spinach ... 1 bunch
· Cheese for pizza ... appropriate amount

Preparation: Cut the bread small. Cut the bacon to 1 cm width. Boil spinach and cut into rough pieces.

1. Add ingredients marked A in the mug, mix bread, bacon and spinach and mix the whole.
2. Once you add pizza cheese, complete by microwaving in a 600-watt microwave for 1 minute and a half ♪
* Add black pepper at the end as you like

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