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Top Hair 3 Ponytails by height

3 Ponytails by height


3 Ponytails by height

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
Ponytail that can change your atmosphere with different height ♪
Let's add commitment and rank up because it is a simple hair arrangement that everyone can do ♡

How to do lower Ponytail
① Half up
② Divide the remaining hair into two sides and alternately pass through the gaps of the half-up hair
③ Tie them up in lower place

How to do middle Ponytail
① Half up
② Take a little of the hair on both sides and make a round
③ Tuck your hair under it
④ Tie them up in the middle

How to do higher Ponytail
① Ponytail at the top of the head
③ Divide the hair bundle into two, wrap one on the rubber knot and pin it

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