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Top Diy Elegant Summer Gradient Earrings🌞

Elegant Summer Gradient Earrings🌞


Elegant Summer Gradient Earrings🌞

Summer color earrings made from resin.
Please challenge with your favorite color!

[Items to prepare]
・ SW # 1088 / 8mm [SW-8908358C-0] × 2
・ For stone seat 8mm [PT-301565-G5] x 2
・ Wire hoop [PT-303482-G5] x 2
・ Metal bar wave [EU-02211-G5] × 2
・ Chain [NH-99040-G5] × 6cm
・ Metal bar ・ Square [PT-303306-G5] × 2
・ Titanium Post & Catch Earring [PT-301362-G5] × 1PRS
・ Round can 0.7 x 3.5cm [PC-300072-G5] x 4
・ A gem jar yellow [NO-00920-3] appropriate amount
・ B Gemstone Pearl Kisska [NO-00920-11] appropriate amount
・ UV-LED Resin Hoshi no shizuku / Hard [NO-00923]
・ UV & LED light 6W [NO-00927]
・ Toning stick [JP-00162]
・ Toning palette [JP-00161]
・ Ultra versatile S / U clear [NO-00273]
・ Flat Pincers [NO-00723]
・ Nipper [NO-00721]
・ Tweezers [NO-00223]
・ Masking tape

[How to make]
[1] Mix the coloring with the resin solution at the desired strength. (a) 1 drop and resin solution (b) 1 drop and resin solution.
[2] Pour (a) 2/3 on the top and (b) in the other 1/3. Then harden.
[3] The resin solution is spread over the entire back surface and cured.
[4] SW is set on the stone, and the resin solution is spread on the entire surface to cure.
[5] Cut the chain to 3cm and connect the metal bar / wave, metal bar / corner, and chain with a circular can.
[6] The last part and the earrings are glued together.


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